Learn Why Digital HVAC Gauges are Amazing

Digital HVAC Gauges

Learn Why Digital HVAC Gauges are Amazing!

If you need to repair a refrigerator or an air conditioner, you may need to refuel them with coolant gas. However, this coolant gas is only useful if introduced at the correct pressure. HVAC workers used to utilize analog HVAC gauges in the past. As technology advances, professionals are now switching to digital HVAC gauges. Learn more about using digital HVAC gauges in this article from HVAC Shop.


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HVAC AC and Refrigeration Service Technicians have traditionally used analog manifold gauge sets. They use it to check pressures in heating and refrigeration systems. The technician would convert this pressure reading to temperature using a chart. He begins calculating superheat and sub-cooling to assist in troubleshooting issues that were hurting the efficiency of either system.

Analog gauges are fantastic. But there's a limit to how many refrigerants you can design them for. It's because there's no real room on the gauge scale for many of them. Most analog gauge sets can handle up to three different refrigerants. As a result, technicians were forced to maintain different sets of gauges on hand, depending on their refrigerants. In addition, any time new freons were introduced and used, a professional would have to purchase a new set of gauges.


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To address this problem, a new type of gauge was developed a few years ago: digital ac manifold gauges.

They appeared to be better and more accurate right away. But technicians were not using them because of the steep learning curve. The higher cost of a set and their analog gauges were still functional.

Because digital gauges have largely replaced analog gauges, let us focus on their benefits to provide more understanding for those considering new gauge sets.


  • Data processing depends on circuit board and processor chip intelligence, not only physical measurement. Hence digital gauges are more accurate.
  • They come with a large number of refrigerants (usually 50 or more). It allows technicians to test a variety of coolants with only one gauge.
  • Many include wireless communication capabilities, allowing data to be streamed to mobile devices.
  • There will be no more conversion tables for analog meters.
  • Temperatures, pressures, superheat, and subcool readings are all displayed simultaneously.
  • Many come with directly plugging a vacuum gauge into the manifold.
  • Some manufacturers include diagnostic software with their sets to help troubleshoot and read the interpretation.
  • Because only one instrument is required, the entire long-term investment is lower.


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If you wish to double-check the pressure at which you're filling it, look for the following features:

Maximum Pressure

Because a digital manifold gauge is designed to monitor the pressure of a specific coolant gas, it must be able to check high pressures to be useful. As a result, they provide maximum pressure ratings of up to 50 bar or 60 bar, with a greater value always being better.

Number of Refrigerants

Your digital manifold gauge should be suitable with the refrigerant or coolant gas that you're replacing and being able to check a high pressure. Thankfully, while some models may only support 80 refrigerants, others can handle up to 140 refrigerants.


Whether you get a powerful digital manifold gauge or not, you should anticipate it to serve you well for a long period. As a result, it's critical to examine the guarantee supplied by your manifold gauge. Some of the most typical guarantee lengths are one year or two years, with a few models having a three-year warranty for extra durability.


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Manifold gauges are used by those who have to refill coolant gas in various refrigerators and air conditioners. Even if a normal manifold gauge should suffice, one of the top digital manifold gauges listed above offers many useful features.

When it comes to finding the appropriate one, digital HVAC gauges are a fantastic choice!