HVAC Shop x Airtasker

Upgrade Your HVAC Experience with HVAC Shop and Airtasker


Excited for your new HVAC system but dreading the installation? HVAC Shop has partnered with Airtasker to take the hassle out of setting up your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. Our collaboration connects you with skilled professionals ready to ensure your system is installed perfectly, from split systems to ducted air conditioning, ensuring your space achieves optimal comfort.

How It Works

Choose Your HVAC System: Select the ideal HVAC solution for your needs at www.hvacshop.com.au, offering everything from energy-efficient split systems to comprehensive ducted air conditioning for whole-home comfort.

Access Airtasker: After your purchase, you'll find a link in your order confirmation email for the Airtasker x HVAC Shop collaboration. This exclusive link directs you to a dedicated landing page for our customers on Airtasker.

Post Your Installation Job: Detail your installation needs on Airtasker, ensuring clarity so the best-suited Tasker can make an offer to complete your project efficiently.

Select Your Professional: Browse through offers from experienced Taskers, choosing your installer based on their qualifications, reviews, and ratings. Airtasker's transparent platform aids in making an informed choice.

Enjoy Your Upgraded Comfort: Once your Tasker completes the installation, all that's left is to enjoy the enhanced comfort and efficiency of your new HVAC system. Confirm the job's completion, release payment, and bask in the reliability of your HVAC Shop purchase.

Simplified Solution!

Our partnership with Airtasker simplifies the installation process, letting you enjoy the advanced technology and comfort of our HVAC systems with ease. Transform your living or working environment with the professional assistance of HVAC Shop and Airtasker.

Discover the convenience of our service and elevate your indoor air quality and comfort today!