Buy A Digital Refrigerant Scale TIF9020A

Digital Refrigerant Scale TIF9020A

Use a digital refrigerant scale to charge and weigh refrigerants quickly.

Scales correctly record the weight of refrigerant in a tank while a system is charging. Use a high-quality digital refrigerant scale like the TIF9020A Digital Refrigerant Scale to precisely measure how much of a specific refrigerant adds to a refrigerant recovery system.

TIF9020A Electronic Scale

HVAC Shop offers TIF9020A Electronic Scale in Australia. These scales are the only option for technicians who operate on large installations and frequently utilise 60kg refrigerant bottles. They will last for years.

TIF's TIF9020A Slimline digital refrigerant scale offers industry-leading accuracy, performance, and cost! 

The TIF9020A has a larger weight limit of 100kg than the TIF9010a, which can only accept bottles weighing up to 50 kg. It also features three display modes: lbs./oz., decimal lbs., and kilograms.

It features a robust blow-moulded casing with an integrated handle. Plus, it has a 9V battery that can last up to 20 hours and a two-year warranty.


  • Three display modes: Lbs./oz.; Decimal Lbs./ Kilograms
  • High Resolution: 0.2 oz./.010 lbs./4 grams
  • Weight capacity: up to 200 Lbs. (100Kg)
  • Accuracy: +/- 5%
  • Design: Slim 2.5 inches thick
  • Keypad controls
  • 6ft coil cord
  • CE approved
  • 20-hour life on one 9V battery

TIF9020A Electronic Scale

What is a refrigerant scale?

A refrigerant scale is a tool used in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. It weighs liquid or gaseous coolant as it introduces or removes from the device's compressor.

How does it help professional A/C technicians?

Most air conditioners need to be serviced and tested at least once a year, while regularly utilised systems may require more frequent attention. While charging the system, technicians use a refrigerant scale to assess freon levels or other refrigerants accurately. The scale makes it easier for professionals to locate leaks or perform normal maintenance on these units.

Why is it important to use a refrigerant scale like the Digital Refrigerant Scale Tif9020a?

Properly maintained cooling systems are essential for both the comfort of residents and the lifespan of the air conditioners. When too much refrigerant is present, the cooling equipment creates a high-pressure atmosphere. Excessive pressure on the compressor reduces its lifespan and necessitates frequent repair. When there isn't enough refrigerant in the system, it can't efficiently cool the space. Users may continue to lower the thermostat to cool the room, wasting energy and increasing costs while not affecting the temperature.

How does it work?

On a basic level, refrigerator scales are similar to bathroom scales. When placing the refrigerant tank on the base, a display will tell you how much it weighs and how much refrigerant it contains.

If you're filling a system from a tank, you can watch as the tank's weight on the scale drops, and you'll know exactly how many pounds or ounces you've supplied to the system. Similarly, you could see how much refrigerant you have retrieved from a system by zeroing out the weight with an empty container on the scale.

These figures will provide precise measures (typically to the tenth or hundredth of a pound), so you can figure out how much to charge the customer, how much refrigerant is remaining in your tanks, and how much you'll need replenish the system to proper levels.

While you may come close to the precise quantity by using the pressure on the gauges, a scale will tell you precisely how much you need. Preventing overheating, extending compressor life, and increasing system efficiency benefits from getting the right amount of refrigerant in the system.

How do professionals use a refrigerant scale like the Digital Refrigerant Scale Tif9020a?

A refrigerant cylinder is placed on the weighing platform of a refrigerant scale to use it. The cylinder connects to the system by tubes or cables that allow refrigerant to flow between the aircon and the cylinder. Then, the technician adds or retrieves refrigerant depending on the weight displayed on the scale to attain the ideal levels for each system. Some refrigerant scale units can be set to automatically add or remove a particular amount of refrigerant, while others need to be operated manually.

Depending on the amount of movement needed by the user, a refrigerant scale can be powered by rechargeable battery packs or a power cord. Each scale has a different load capacity, with the most expensive units able to store the maximum refrigerant volume. Large-scale commercial systems require high-capacity units, although they can handle most domestic applications at lesser scales. To withstand damage from big cylinders or other equipment, many of these scales are built to last.

Are there different types of refrigerant scales?

The precision of different kinds of refrigerant scales varies. Sensitive systems may necessitate a refrigerant scale having extremely accurate measurements, whereas very large systems will not. Some of these scales are designed to resist extreme temperatures or monitor refrigerants at high pressures. These heavy-duty instruments are typically employed in manufacturing or industrial applications to provide precise measurements under challenging situations.

Choosing a Digital Refrigerant Scale

Digital Refrigerant Scale

What distinguishes a high-quality refrigerant scale? The ideal model for you will be long-lasting, accurate, and cost-effective. It will also weigh to your specifications (how many numbers after the decimal?) and have a platform big enough to support the tanks you'll be using in the field.

Accuracy and Resolution

The scale's accuracy is certainly the first point of concern. A refrigerant scale that doesn't weigh precisely serves no purpose. There will be a built-in flaw on all scales, but the smaller the fault, the better.

  • Up to accuracy ±0.05% rdg + 5g: LMC-100F
  • Accuracy of up to ±0.05% rdg + 10g: LMC-100A/LMC-200/LMC-210/LMC-210L/LMC-300/LMC-300L/LMC-310
  • Up to accuracy ±0.05% rdg + 25g: LMC-200A/LMC-210A/LMC-300A/LMC-310A
  • Resolution: 2g(LMC-100F only), other models 5g.

Readability and Display

There are many various handhold controllers to pick from, and you must find the one that best suits your needs. In direct sunshine, high-intensity illumination on a digital screen will work effectively. Wireless displays that use Bluetooth to transfer data to a handheld controller or even your phone are also available.

Buying a Quality Digital Refrigerant Scale like the Digital Refrigerant Scale Tif9020a

Several options are available if you're an HVAC technician seeking a basic and accurate digital refrigerant scale for charging and recovery. So, make sure you get one that fits you from the various options available.

If you are a professional HVAC technician, you should look for a long-lasting device that provides reliable readings. A cheap unit may be a better option and cost less if you are a DIY homeowner or part-time tech.

You can buy Digital Refrigerant Scale TIF9020A in Australia from HVAC Shop. We also offer other equipment to help you maintain your client's air conditioning unit performing at its best.