Aircon Cleaning Bag for Your A/C Business

aircon cleaning bag for your ac business

High-Quality Aircon Cleaning Bag for Your A/C Business

Summer is in full swing, and if someone lives in a tropical country, searing hot days are the norm. It’s a sign that an air conditioner has been running nonstop and needs thorough cleaning! The process may become messy as you picture it. Good thing there are professional aircon cleaning services in Australia that use an aircon cleaning bag to come to the rescue.

If you’re an A/C business owner, you’d agree that having the right equipment makes the job easier. One of the helpful cleaning helpers is the aircon cleaning bag. It effectively catches all the water, dirt, mould, and more while you’re cleaning a wall-mounted or split type air conditioning unit. An Aircon Cleaning Bag is a must-have for every A/C company that prides itself on offering comprehensive preventative maintenance to its customers.

HVAC Shop Aircon Cleaning Bag

Here at HVAC Shop, our mission is to offer high-quality products to A/C business owners and aircon owners who want to try and clean their units by themselves. You can buy air conditioner wash bags individually or a whole cleaning kit. Check out the aircon cleaning bags we offer here in Australia:

Hydrobag Tradie Tough Split System Air Conditioner Clean Bag


Air Conditioner Clean Bag


You can use this wash bag repeatedly to collect all of the dirt, filth, and mould found in air conditioning units.

You’ll be sure to gain repeat business from your consumers once they witness the nasty water gushing out of their air conditioner.

The Hydrobag was created in Australia primarily with split air conditioning systems.

The Hydrobag features an aluminium concertina structure that is lightweight and durable. The bag is composed of water-resistant 1200 denier material. It has a splashback sheet with adjustable straps and eyelets for split systems of various sizes.

A heavy-duty drain hole and securing nut are located in the base. It allows you to put a bucket or tub under to capture any spills.

Split Air Conditioning Cleaning Bag - Ac1


Split Air Conditioning Cleaning Bag


The AIRCONcareTM Kit Wash Bag has a full elastic band that allows you to attach it to your air conditioning machine. It ensures a secure fit regardless of the kind or brand of air conditioner you’re cleaning in seconds. The wash bag’s close fit prevents leaks and enables thorough cleaning of the air conditioner.

How to Maintain Different Parts of your Aircon

One must maintain the filters, coils, and fins of an air conditioner regularly for the A/C unit to work successfully and efficiently through several years of use. Neglecting basic maintenance ensures that air conditioning performance deteriorates while energy consumption continues to rise.


The most significant maintenance measure for ensuring your aircon's efficiency is changing or cleaning its filters regularly. Clogged or dirty filters restrict airflow and dramatically reduce a system’s efficiency. Furthermore, if the airflow is impeded, dirt can bypass the filter and move to the coil. Then, it will reduce the coil’s heat-absorbing potential. Changing a filthy, clogged filter with a new and clean one can reduce the energy usage of your aircon by 5% to 15%.

During the cooling season, change or clean the air conditioner’s filters every month or so. If the aircon is in continual use, exposed to dusty circumstances, or fur-bearing pets at home, it may need care more often.


After months or years of usage, the evaporator coil and condenser coil of an air conditioner accumulate dirt. If the filter is maintained clean, the evaporator coil becomes less prone to become dirty. On the other hand, the evaporator coil will continue to gather dirt over time. This dirt jams airflow and covers the coil, lowering its heat-absorbing capability. Maintain your evaporator coil annually and clean it as nrequired to avoid this problem.

One must keep dirt and debris away from the condenser unit. Dirt and debris might come from your dryer vents, falling leaves, and your lawnmower. Allow enough airflow around the condenser by washing around the coil, removing any trash, and pruning foliage back at least 2 feet or 0.6 meters.

Coil Fins

The aluminium fins on the condenser coils and evaporators are readily bent and obstruct airflow. Aircon wholesalers sell a “fin comb” tool to comb these fins back into virtually original shape.


Pass a strong wire through the drain passages of the unit now and then. Clogged drain channels result in a unit’s compromised ability to reduce humidity. The extra moisture that results can stain walls or carpet.

Check Window Seals

Check the seal between the aircon and the window border at the beginning of each cooling season. It's to verify if it makes contact with the unit’s metal case. Moisture can cause this barrier to deteriorate, enabling cool air to escape your home.

Why Hiring a Professional Aircon Cleaner is a Good Idea

Hire a professional service expert if your air conditioner requires more than routine maintenance, including when it fails to keep a good indoor temperature. Your air conditioner will be diagnosed and repaired by a trained technician.

Aside from cleaning, they can also perform the following services:

  • Make sure you have the right volume of refrigerant.
  • Inspect for refrigerant leakage with the help of a leak detector.
  • Instead of illegally releasing refrigerant into the atmosphere, they catch any that must evacuate from the system.
  • Inspect for and seal duct leakage in central systems.
  • Measures the airflow via the evaporator coil.
  • They verify that the electric control sequence is proper and that the heating and cooling systems are not operating simultaneously.
  • Examine electric terminals, clean and tighten connections, and, if necessary, apply a non-conductive coating.
  • Motors should be oiled, and belts should be checked for tightness and wear.
  • Check the thermostat’s accuracy.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Aircon Cleaning Bag for Your A/C Business

Investing in quality in an aircon cleaning bag for your A/C business is the wise and best decision you’ll ever make. There are a lot of homes and offices that use split-type aircon nowadays. Your clients will love your service since it will be less messy than traditional cleaning.