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Yellow Jacket - HVAC Shop Australia

Yellow Jacket and HVAC Shop have teamed up to bring you high-quality HVAC supply items like refrigerants, vacuum gauges, hoses, adapters, recovery equipment, and more.

About Yellow Jacket

YELLOW JACKET has not only found the industry standard in tools, hoses, refrigeration gauges, HVAC vacuum pumps, manifolds, and refrigerant recovery devices over the previous seven decades, but it has also become legendary.

How did they do it? Through a relentless pursuit of perfection. It is the single most significant factor in a company's long-term viability. While other businesses sold out, outsourced work or compromised quality, our people's unwavering devotion has resulted in more than 70 years of best-in-class goods, first-class customer service, and innovations that make contractors' jobs easier worldwide. Join us as we pledge to change the norm for the next 70 years.

HVAC Shop is Australia's most recognized online HVAC/R tool hardware store, offering low rates on a wide range of HVAC/R tools for refrigeration and air conditioning professionals.

We aim to deliver a great experience when you shop online by supplying excellent products with top-rated support and technical knowledge, based on our extensive industry experience.

As a professional business owner or technician, we understand that you don't have time to scour the city for the products you require. That's why we want to sell a wide variety of equipment to acquire whatever you need. Then, you can get back to work.

All of our products are available for delivery throughout Australia. Also, all bulk order pricing inquiries are welcome, and we will always do our best to offer you the greatest deal.

Our goal is to provide the best selection of air conditioning and heating tools to our consumers.

Yellow Jacket - HVAC Shop Products

HVAC and refrigeration equipment maintain industrial, commercial, and domestic facilities adequately heated, cooled, and ventilated to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. In the winter, heaters give warmth. In the summer, fans and air conditioners keep areas cool. So, to improve indoor air quality, air filters assist in removing dust and other air pollutants from the air stream. Thermostats and controls help increase the efficiency of HVAC systems by streamlining their functioning. Refrigeration supplies are needed to keep refrigerators, aircon, and other HVAC systems that use refrigerant running smoothly.

Here are some of the high-quality and trusted products we offer for all A/C business owners and aircon owners in Australia:


Bullet Vac Pump



Super Evac Pump



Super Evac Pump



Why Buy From Us?

HVAC Shop's mission is to offer the best quality equipment and tools you need to serve your clients better. It's a one-stop-shop for A/C business owners like you! We want you to experience the kinds of treatment you offer to your clients in Australia. So, get the best A/C equipment and tools and make your job easier! We made this mission possible by partnering with the trusted brand, Yellow Jacket.