You Need a Refrigerant Scale!

Refrigerant Scale

Any HVAC technician's job requires them to have a good refrigerant scale.

Knowing how much refrigerant to add to a system is critical to getting the job done correctly. The weight of a refrigerant cylinder's measurement uses a refrigerant scale. You may use it to specifically measure how much specific refrigerant is fed to a refrigerant recovery system.

Learning About Refrigerant Scale

The number of refrigerants entered into a system is measured by weight on an HVAC refrigerant scale. Because all HVAC systems require a specific refrigerant to function, determining the exact amount is critical. The unit will not function properly if you use less or excessive amounts. The quantity of refrigerant required for each system has a label on the device or handbook.


Refrigerant Scale


How Does It Work?

The refrigerant amount injected into a system needs to weigh on a scale for measurement. Every piece of HVAC equipment has a maximum amount it can hold in pounds.

Weighing a tank and watching a scale can detect the specific amount of refrigerant entering an HVAC system. This number must be exact for the device to function properly. You can refrigerate the system by placing a tank on the scale and linking it to a manifold gauge set.

Buying the Best Refrigerant Scale


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Double-check that you're using the correct amount before you start filling up any air conditioner with refrigerant. As a result, utilizing a refrigerant scale to determine its weight is critical. The following qualities of these scales can come in handy while dealing with refrigerants:

Weight Capacity

If you're going to use the equipment to measure the weight of the refrigerant, be sure it has a good weight limit. Most of the alternatives available have a weight limit of up to 220 pounds or 100 kilograms, allowing you to measure all refrigerant quantities effortlessly.


It must be tiny and compact because they are typically employed on a remote job site. It makes it possible to maintain a weighing machine in your toolset without taking up too much room.


If you're going to use your refrigerant scale to weigh large quantities, it must be sturdy and long-lasting. As a result, you should seek choices that have a long guarantee and a solid structure that can bear the weight.


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Buy a Refrigerant Scale from HVAC Shop

Filling up the proper amount of refrigerant is critical when servicing air conditioners and other cooling equipment. As a result, utilizing a weighing scale to determine the exact amount can be useful. In Australia, HVAC Shop has a wide range of solutions for you. So, please take a look at the various brands with whom we've partnered to provide you with the greatest equipment for your A/C business and services.