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Yellow Jacket is one of the leading brands for HVAC products. The brand offers well-engineered refrigerant recovery equipment, HVAC hoses, HVAC vacuum pumps, and refrigerant gauges. So, buy Yellow Jacket products from HVAC Shop today!

The brand is a prominent global supplier of HVAC/R and automotive tools and equipment designed and manufactured in the United States.

HVAC Shop and Yellow Jacket's dedication is to offer innovative, high-quality goods, continual training and education, and exceptional service to our clients. We strive for excellence while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and fostering effective relationships based on honesty, trust, and respect.

Buy Yellow Jacket HVAC Products: Buying Guide

When it comes to establishing or upgrading your tool kit, deciding which items to choose might be difficult. You'll need tools to complete your job, but with so many options, buying tools might be frightening, especially if you're just about to start.

What store should you go to to get your tools?

Why did the manufacturer include certain characteristics in the product design?

We understand!

Here are three terrific approaches to figure out which tools will work best for you to help you decide:


First and foremost, comprehend your procedure. Use reliable sources' internet resources, articles, videos, learning aids, and webinars or podcasts. Many other contractors put their knowledge to the test, review it, learn from it, and share it. The features you want in your next tool should base on how you conduct your work or your process.

So, if you're not sure what would be the greatest option for you, consider contacting the manufacturer or distributor to see if they can assist you.

Size and Weight

It's a good thing that not all tools are made equal.

Try to gain a sense of the types of equipment you'll be dealing with, as well as the accessibility to the site where you'll be working, before deciding what tools and accessories (such as tool bags) you'll need.

In the HVAC sector, you can find yourself working in attics, crawlspaces, or on rooftops where you'll have to carry your tools up ladders. Over time, every additional ounce will make a significant difference.

If feasible, try holding the tool in your hand to get a sense of how it feels. However, if this isn't an option, ask if any other HVAC professionals you've worked with have the similar gear you can use or seek for internet video reviews, which are the next best thing to being there.

Make sure you've covered all of your bases.

Ensure you have enough safety equipment, multi-tools, ladders, and other necessary items. More than only gauges and meters are included in HVAC tools. You may not need every device in your tool bag for every project. But, it will help you round out your effective business approach as you work your way through various jobs and customers.

Buy Yellow Jacket: HVAC Tools Must-Have List

Manifold Gauge


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When you're charging a system with refrigerant or evacuating refrigerant from a plan, a manifold gauge contains multiple distinct ports and valves that allow you to control refrigerant flow. Best practices in evacuation no longer recommend the usage of a manifold.

Manifold gauges typically feature two to four ports:

  • The system's sensing Side with low pressure
  • The system's sensing Side of high-pressure
  • To charge
  • For evacuation

A high-quality hose connects the port on the manifold to the relevant lines on the AC unit.

  • The low side connects to the unit's low-pressure side.
  • The high side connects to the unit's high-pressure side.
  • Depending on the setup, the charging port connects to the low or high side of the system.
  • You can connect a vacuum pump or recovery unit to the evacuation port through a properly rated and sized line. However, this is not a good idea.

Nitrogen Regulator

A nitrogen regulator is a pressure regulator valve that lowers the pressure in your nitrogen tank, making it easier to purge or braze an HVAC system. To ensure flawless performance, the regulator allows you to manage the nitrogen flow during various jobs on the machine.

Psychrometer or Humidity Probe

The psychrometer will be an important instrument in installing and maintaining HVAC units no matter where you reside in the country. This tool's design allows you to use a solid-state sensor to measure humidity in the air. The sensor replaces the sling psychrometer, which detects humidity in the air by measuring temperature changes caused by the water evaporating from a thermometer's wetted bulb.

To appropriately build and configure the equipment, you must first determine the humidity in the space you wish to treat. You can also use a psychrometer to see if the system is operating at full capacity, either in BTU/hr or cooling tons. The importance of such a basic tool in supporting your clients cannot be overstated.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors are ideal for two purposes:

  • Detecting and repairing refrigerant leaks
  • Identifying fuel gas leaks

Additionally, heated diode, semi-conductor, non-dispersive infrared, and ultrasonic technologies are used for leak detection. Both types of leaks are undesirable, hazardous to one's health and safety, and have financial, legal, and environmental consequences. As a result, it's critical to be aware of any leaks in an HVAC system.

Core Removal Tools

When evacuating a system, a core removal tool is useful for removing one of the major obstacles to quick work.


For appropriate HVAC electrical diagnostics, a multimeter is a must-have tool. Voltage, amperage, and resistance are measured with this device (ohms). The advanced version can measure energy usage, in-rush current, and more.

You should always have this equipment on hand when working, and you should be familiar with the data it provides and how to use it to inspect for live circuits before beginning work to avoid life-threatening accidents.

Aircon Cleaning Kits

An HVAC aircon cleaning kit is a terrific method to ensure you receive everything you need if you're not sure where to start or what you need. These kits include a selection of necessary equipment and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're always prepared.

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