Aircon Cleaning with Hydrocell Pressure Washer

Hydrocell Pressure Washer

Aircon Cleaning with Hydrocell Pressure Washer

Because air conditioners are among the most expensive household appliances, many people are enthusiastic about cleaning them each season to protect their investment. Proper maintenance of your air conditioning machine will save you money on repair costs. However, washing it with the wrong equipment can harm your system and wipe out your funds. The Hydrocell Pressure Washer has the right pressure, perfect for aircon cleaning!

Hydrocell Pressure Washer Australia

Hydrocell pressure washers are built to be simple to use in any situation. Its various designs may be used for anything, at any time and in any location. It's a must-have for both home and business use.

Is there no way to get water? Is there no electricity? Worry no more! Hydrocell Washers clean even the toughest and most temperate regions with medium water pressure. You can use these portable washers on almost anything, at any time, and in any location.

Here are the Hydrocell Portable Washers you can buy from HVAC Shop:


Hydrocell Pressure Washer Australia

With improved fittings, thicker casting, alloy connectors, and an enhanced heavy-duty metal nozzle, the Hydrocell Tradie 17 Litre portable pressure washer are better and stronger. Internal reinforcements ensure that they can withstand the rigours of the construction site.

An alloy water valve, a harder brass spray nozzle, and 6 meters of hose, including hose connectors and a safety hose clamp, are among the new features. Besides other usual features like wheels on the base and a cushioned shoulder strap, extra seals have been provided.

The Tradie comes with a 3-meter power chord for circumstances where greater power is necessary. It has a built-in 12V rechargeable battery and a 3-meter power line to assist you clean in those hard-to-reach places. Operators will get at least five water tanks out of the sealed Lead-acid battery before it needs to be recharged. It will run nonstop for 30 minutes and will notify you at the end that you must finish your task before recharging. The first charge takes 4 hours, followed by 1 to 2 hours of charging time.

It's also ideal for cleaning condensers on rooftops in difficult-to-reach locations, as well as cleaning the boat and motorcycles on weekends! No more unrolling hoses and searching for a nearby tap; fill up, and you're ready to start cleaning air conditioners.


Pressure Washer Australia

Our largest Pressure Washer is the Hydrocell 20 Litre Pressure Washer.

The Hydro20 has similar psi as our other pressure washers, the 'gentle but tough' 43.5-130.5psi pressure. It's equal to the range of a garden hose nozzle. The portable water tank means you can take it on the road with you with a full tank and wash down your bike, dog, or boat as soon as you get out of your car.

It has an advanced rechargeable lithium battery that can deliver up to 30 minutes of continuous flow and has a 2.4 amp-hour capacity. With the draw-handle feature, you pop up the handle, tip it on its wheel edge, and you're ready to go for a walk with Hydro20. In the built-in stretchable carry basket, you may stow your belongings.



The Multipurpose Hydrocell Portable Pressure Washer with 15-Liter Tank can be used for various tasks at home or at work.

A 12V Power Cable can power this pressure washer plugs into your vehicle's cigarette socket or by purchasing the Hydrocell Portable Power Pack, which also serves as a torch. (GFS-L1)

Hydro15 employs a pressure range of 43.5-130.5 psi (similar to a garden hose nozzle). you can power it by a 12V cigarette lighter power outlet in your car or connect to our Hydrocell Portable Power Pack (GFS-L1) via its 12V connection incorporated into its handle.

There are fewer loose pieces to worry about because the Tank is linked to the base. Put your belongings in the built-in flexible carry baskets from either side of this small washer, and you're ready to go!



Hydrocell Pressure Washers and Hydrobags (Aircon Cleaning Bag) have quickly become the go-to tools for cleaning split systems and air conditioners. We've put together this fantastic bundle to help you save money.

Set up your team with these fantastic kits to make periodic maintenance simple and profitable.

What Happens If I Use the Usual Pressure Washers?

A clogged unit filled with dust and dirt will not work either. Overworked equipment is more likely to fail. Clogged aircon will also increase your electricity bill, all for poorer performance. To avoid damage and lost energy, many customers of these machines prefer to clean the coils. Because of its enormous power, a pressure washer may appear to be the best option for removing dust and mildew. Unfortunately, the flow is too strong for your unit's coils.

A pressure washer will exacerbate the issue by harming the fins instead of resolving the issue. These soft metals, usually formed of copper or aluminium, will bend when exposed to a high-pressure stream. It has the potential to rip holes in the tubing. A power washer is too harsh for an AC system's coils. Because of these factors, it's best to pressure wash the outside of your unit merely; fixing coils is a costly remedy.

Aircon Cleaning with Hydrocell Pressure Washer

In the commercial aircon maintenance industry, Hydrocell has gained popularity. Many businesses have found the Hydrocell device highly useful cleaning equipment that does not require 240-volt power. Air conditioning specialists all around Australia have discovered a way to save time and energy by using Hydrocell Washers to clean air conditioning units in a fraction of the time and with minimal mess.

The Hydrocell cleaning series provides a complete cleaning solution for remote and difficult-to-reach areas. There are so many uses for our pressure washers! They let you clean on-site without using a hose, mains power, or even a tap. They're such self-sufficient tiny creatures!

Hydrocells are used to clean automobiles, RVs, dirt bikes, horses, boats, pets, and various other items.