Why Use An Aircon Coil Cleaner?

Aircon Coil Cleaner

If your A/C isn't as cool as it used to be, clean the internal evaporator and outdoor condensing unit with air conditioning coil cleaning.

If you've been washing your room's air conditioner's filters regularly, you might not need to use coil cleaner to remove the dirt and dust. However, if there are trapped dirt and dust in the device's fins and coils, you may need to clean the coils at some point.

Cleaning the coils on your air conditioner is certainly a chore you despise. However, if you want your unit to function smoothly and efficiently, you must clean the coils thoroughly. Not only will dirty coils reduce the effectiveness of your unit, but too much buildup can cause your air conditioner to fail.

Maintaining a condenser coil maintenance routine will help your AC system work well for a long period. Let's look at some cleaning basics to get you started.


An indoor unit, often a fan coil or furnace and evaporator coil, and an outdoor unit, commonly referred to as the A/C unit, make up a split-system central air conditioner. Each of these components contains a coil essential to the cooling process.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil, also known as the cooling coil, is positioned on the fan coil's air intake side of the furnace's outlet side inside the residence. It must remove heat from the air within the house so that the blower fan may return cool, refreshing air.

Condenser Coil

Copper tubing travels through a succession of thin metal strips called fins in most evaporator and condenser coils. While various coil designs and compositions exist, such as all-aluminium coils or spine fin coils that resemble a big pipe cleaner, airflow across the coil aids in the passage of heating energy into and out of the house. The heat is released outside by the condenser coil located in the outdoor unit.

Because coils are so important in the cooling process, keeping them clean is important for the long-term health of your air conditioner. While it may appear to be a do-it-yourself project, hiring a professional is the quickest and best way to clean your coils.


air conditioning coil cleaning



The evaporator coil's main function is to catch your home's indoor air heat. The condenser coils (fan coils) discharge the trapped heat into the air around the outside unit while the evaporator coils conduct their duty. Both coils are usually made of copper and are encased by several aluminium fins that help improve heat transfer. You can find it in different areas of the HVAC system. The external cabinet of your unit holds the condenser. In contrast, the evaporator coils are in the internal air handling unit.

Evaporator coils have a vital role in the cooling function of your AC system. It provides the cooling needed to produce the cold air that keeps your home or business comfortable, even during the hottest of temperatures. It also plays a role in the dehumidification that your HVAC unit provides. As the coils cool, water condenses on them, which is subsequently removed from your indoor air. The water is collected in the drain pan and safely discharged from the system.

When the evaporator coils become dusty, the effectiveness and performance of these two critical functions are considerably reduced. Because the coils are damp from the dehumidification process, dust, pollen, and other particulates in the air will adhere to them as the air goes by. The quantity of pollutants that come into contact with the coil can also be increased if the air filter is unclean or if no air filter is utilised. When all of these conditions are present, enough dirt and dust can accumulate on the coils to adversely damage their function in a short period of time.

When the condenser and evaporator coils become dusty, the following issues arise:

  • Coil ice buildup
  • The system will be subjected to more wear and tear (leading to damage and malfunctions)
  • Heat transmission is reduced due to a reduction in cooling capacity.
  • Increased energy usage
  • Temperatures and higher operating pressures

Evaporator coils should be checked and cleaned regularly. Air conditioners with dirty coils consume up to 40% more energy than those with clean coils, and their cooling capacity is reduced by up to 30%. If dirty coils are left to wreak havoc on your AC unit, it will lose performance and efficiency, but your monthly power bills will skyrocket. Because coils are prone to gathering dirt and debris, cleaning them every month may be important. On the other hand, a conventional system requires cleaning every three months throughout the cooling season and at least once a year during routine HVAC maintenance.


A clean air conditioning system can benefit you in a variety of ways. For starters, clean coils allows the cooling to work more smoothly. Your ac unit will run more efficiently if there's less buildup of dirt. The less your unit has to work, the more energy — and money — it will save you.

Maintenance can add to the lifespan of an air conditioner and guarantee that you receive the most value for your money. A well-maintained air conditioner can also reduce the number of repairs required, which can quickly add up. Taking preventive measures to ensure your equipment is in good working order might help you save money. Furthermore, if you don't take adequate care of your air conditioner, you may need to change it sooner.





To get the maximum performance out of your air conditioner, clean it at least once a year in the spring before the summer heat sets in. Cleaning with a decent quality coil and fin cleaner like an Aircon Coil Cleaner will assist units of all sizes, from domestic to industrial.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Condenser coils in air conditioners take hot air from inside a structure and disperse it into the surrounding atmosphere. The unit has to work harder when condenser coils are unclean, dusty, oxidised, or clogged with debris. As a result, it consumes more energy to produce the same level of cooling. It will cost your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra electricity each year.

It can remove oxidation and counterproductive debris on aircon coils with a solution like Air Conditioning Coil Cleaner. Air circulates more freely, and AC systems work and cool more efficiently when coils and fins are clean, lowering the unit's power usage.

Save on Repair Costs

Fewer unit repairs result in lower out-of-pocket costs and less trouble and personnel time for businesses. It's a double "save" because time equals money.

A spray-on product like Coil Cleaner makes cleaning air conditioning equipment simple. Coil Cleaner can typically reach and clean fins and coils from outside spraying, so there's no need to disassemble the machine. You may need to remove the cover depending on the configuration of your device. The whole job time is 5 to 10 minutes for a small unit. Allow for some extra time while working with larger pieces.

Longer Lasting AC Units

When air conditioners don't have to work as hard, they survive longer, putting off the need for a new unit and saving money in the long term. While it may seem clear that regular, basic maintenance can help equipment last longer, it may not be so evident that basic cleaning is a type of maintenance that can help AC units live longer.





When cleaning your air conditioner's condenser coils, take careful not to overstretch them. Because they are delicate, applying too much pressure or using the wrong materials might lead them to bend or even break. It can be expensive to replace this.

You can normally spray the coils of your air conditioner to eliminate dirt and debris. You might want to hire a professional if there is a lot of buildup, it's the start of the season, or you haven't cleaned it in a long time.

A competent HVAC technician can guarantee that your air conditioner is properly maintained, running, and ready to chill your home. It is always good to have your systems checked by a professional before putting them into service for the season.

When it comes to your AC system, it's always a good idea to take precautions and ensure everything is functioning properly. While cleanings may appear trivial, failing to eliminate dirt and debris off your air conditioner's condenser coils may be highly costly. Schedule maintenance with an HVAC professional to guarantee that your systems work efficiently for a long time.


Cleaning the coils on your air conditioner is an important element of AC maintenance that may help you save money, maintain efficiency, and extend the life of your system. Buy the best quality aircon coil cleaner in Australia from HVAC Shop. We also offer more aircon cleaning care kits for your business.