Best Refrigerant Recovery Unit for Sale Australia

Refrigerant Recovery Unit for Sale Australia

Efficient Refrigerant Recovery Unit for Reliable Appliance Maintenance


Coolers, refrigerators, and air conditioners all require refrigerants to function properly. A refrigerant recovery machine, which successfully recovers refrigerants before fixing or cleaning electrical items, is the solution to your difficulties. Let's review the features you need to consider in finding the best refrigerant recovery unit for sale Australia.

As a result, it's vital to collect refrigerants when caring for your electrical appliances. The refrigerants pass through a filter. Then, the technician carefully stores it in a contamination-free tank using recovery devices to be reused.

Best Refrigerant Recovery Unit

Before maintenance or repair, refrigerant recovery devices collect and recover refrigerants from a Heating and cooling system, filtering them into an approved tank.

These recovery devices may also recover refrigerants for reuse or resale. It's also beneficial to your HVAC company financially.

While it is possible to recover refrigerants without utilizing a refrigerant recovery machine, precision, safety, ease of use, and speed make them indispensable in professional HVAC servicing and repair.


Portable refrigerant recovery machines use a vacuum created by an electric pump to remove refrigerants from an HVAC unit. After being purified, the refrigerant goes through the equipment and into certified storage tanks.

You can perform refrigerant recovery in liquid, vapour, or push-pull. It transports it in a liquid state in the liquid technique.

Similarly, the refrigerant is extracted from the HVAC unit, although it is a vapour in the vapour method. The machine condenses it into a liquid, ultimately sent to the recovery cylinder.

Technicians use the push-pull approach when moving huge amounts of the liquid refrigerant. This process involves the machine sucking vapour from the recovery cylinder while creating gas that pushes liquid from the HVAC unit into the recovery cylinder. If the amount of refrigerant to be recovered is less than 10 pounds, this method should not be employed.

Robinair Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine Rg6000


Robinair Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine Rg6000


The RG6000 has a design to meet the needs of technicians looking for a recovery unit that is both efficient and durable, with quick recovery rates and a small footprint. Its design is for quick reclamation, with the fastest refrigerant recovery times in all situations, even extreme heat.

It's also a lightweight and portable refrigerant recovery system. It can endure extreme industrial and commercial refrigerant recovery conditions. In hot climates, a big condenser keeps the reclaim unit cold.

Refrigerant Recovery Unit for Sale Australia Buyer's Guide

Before you choose a model to buy, we've compiled a list of the best products' characteristics. You don't need us to tell you that refrigerant recovery machines are sophisticated instruments. So, it's important to know what they're all about.

Regardless of the numerous enhancements that have been performed, there are some essential traits that you must be aware of. These considerations will aid you in distinguishing between two excellent products that would otherwise be difficult to identify. Then, you can make an educated decision.


Any unit must be constructed using the highest quality materials to last a long period. As a result, it must be able to endure the constant demands of repairs and cleanings. It's pointless to buy it if you have to pay for a new one after a few months.

To design a tool that stands out, you must combine both performance and durability. Any equipment purchase is a long-term commitment, and designers cannot risk being careless in this regard. They must only employ high-quality materials that can withstand the rigours of daily use.


Durable Refrigerant Recovery Machine


Easy to Use

Easy to Use Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair Automotive Recovery Machine Minimax W/ Oil Separator System

It must be simple to operate, yet because of the influence of technology, there is often a temptation to over-pack a unit with functions or features. You may find it difficult to comprehend what the various pieces or services accomplish. As a result, things may become confusing for the buyer.

You don't have time to think about making the most of it. You can't afford to wait for your appliances to break down. Therefore the features should be simple to comprehend. Because the primary goal of any gadget is to make your life easier, makers must first focus on the basics before adding additional functions.


Because the cliché "time is money" is true, the more quickly your refrigerant recovery machine works, the more efficiently your repair job is completed.

Models with two cylinders can improve efficiency, speed, and performance. These machines are more efficient than single-cylinder machines in general, and that power will save you time in your business. However, they can be more expensive.

Make that your refrigerant recovery machine can manage the newer R-134A and R-410A refrigerants. HVAC specialists will be servicing and repairing R-410A-using HVAC units for many years.

Weight and Size

Weight and size are also important concerns because you'll be carrying your refrigerant recovery machine up ladders and into tight locations for some projects. Your work will be easier if you use a lighter-weight, smaller model that can withstand pressure. You'll like having a smaller unit, especially when balancing on a ladder.

The finest refrigerant recovery machines, on the other hand, contain big condensers that keep tanks cool, increasing your recovery rate. On the other hand, a huge fan will keep the compressor cool while increasing airflow. As a result, the trade-off between mobility and size owing to required components will influence your purchase selection.

The use of an oil-free compressor reduces compressor maintenance and increases reliability.

Ascertain that the refrigerant recovery machine you select can be serviced and repaired and that its parts are readily available. You'll be waiting for details rather than working if you don't.


When buying, you should think about pricing, but don't always go for the cheapest option. In the long term, buying a low-cost machine that can't handle larger projects, stalls in the middle of a project, or needs replacement in a year or two.

Recovery Rate

Finally, it should have a fair rate of recovery. The valves frequently determine the recovery rate, with dual valve goods typically having a faster recovery rate. The faster you recover, the quicker you'll be able to finish your assignment.

It should be able to handle both liquids and vapours, giving it a lot of versatility. Furthermore, regardless of the speed, there should be no compromise on efficiency. For the best outcomes, both the rate and the performance must be complementary. A better recovery rate can help to reduce the risk of contamination.


High-Efficiency Refrigerant Recovery Unit


Best Refrigerant Recovery Unit for Sale Australia


Without a machine, how can you recover Freon?

The section of the Clean Air Act that deals with refrigerants are Section 608 of the act. First, you must obtain EPA Section 608 Technician Certification to comply with the EPA. If you have this certification but don't have access to refrigerant recovery equipment, you can still safely collect freon using tanks.

You can recover refrigerants without a machine by using a drained recovery tank. Then, put in a freezer and gauges linked to the unit and the tank. So that air does not mix with the refrigerant.

What Should You Do With Old System Recovered Refrigerant?

Once you've retrieved the refrigerants, be careful not to release them into the atmosphere, as this could damage the ozone layer.

You should store refrigerants in appropriate containers after the evacuation. If you employed filtering during recovery, you could reuse the refrigerants in the same unit or another air conditioning unit owned by the same individual.

You can also sell the recovery machine refrigerant from HVAC works. According to EPA regulations, unreturned recovered refrigerants to the same unit must be sent to a consolidator for packing or, in some situations, to the EPA.

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HVAC Shop offers nothing but the best to our clients. We have recovery units from the biggest names for HVAC equipment like Robinair, MasterCool, Yellow Jacket, JAVAC, and more. So, if you're looking for the best refrigerant recovery unit for sale Australia, you're at the right place.