AC Cleaning Kit in Australia

AC Cleaning Kit

Buy an AC Cleaning Kit to prepare everything you need for a good, thorough air conditioner cleaning!

HVAC Shop offers several cleaning kits that may work for your needs. These kits will guarantee a smoother and less hassle aircon cleaning session—no need to buy different items that may confuse you further. We assure you that these bundles have everything you need. Click here to see the AC cleaning kit for you.


ac cleaning kit in Australia


Air Conditioner Cleaning with AC Cleaning Kit

Do you have any questions on how to clean an ac unit? Many people are concerned about the cost of maintaining their household appliances. Saving money by performing your maintenance work may motivate you to clean your unit. If you're not careful, however, you may incur higher costs by causing damage to critical components of your air conditioning system. Some air conditioning maintenance procedures can be completed by yourself. It would be best to delegate other AC maintenance activities to trained professionals.

Tracking and replacing your filter is one of the most critical chores you can do to keep your aircon clean. Oddly, this is often forgotten. However, a blocked filter can cost more money over time. Limiting your airflow can place added strain on your aircon's compressor. It may also develop a negative climate control in your house. It may lead to irrelevant thermostat adjustments.

What Is the Best Way to Clean My Aircon Filter?

By stopping circulating particles from contacting your coils and blower parts, your filter protects the interior unit of your air conditioner. Start the cooling season with a fresh filter and check it once a month to see how it's holding up. To limit the admission of particulates into the inner components of the system, try vacuuming or wiping the grate that surrounds the filter.

How do I clean the condenser unit on my air conditioner?

Remove any dirt that has accumulated on or around the external surface of your outdoor unit to keep it clean. It's especially crucial after storms that bring a lot of dust and debris into the neighbourhood. Brush away any dust that has accumulated on the unit.

How do I clean the fins on my air conditioner?

You could clean the fins of your ac unit if you feel at ease removing the cover from your condenser unit. You can effectively clean dust and accumulation from the fins of your team by spraying it from the inside out using a hose with medium water pressure. It's vital to highlight that if you're unsure about this step, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance.


The AIRCONCARETM Concentrate AC Cleaning Kit allows anyone to wash their ductless split aircon fan coil unit. This cleaning kit will not cause any trouble or danger in hiring a professional. Our ductless split aircon cleaning kit helps homeowners clean their ductless split air conditioner fan coil unit without dismantling it. The key to our system's effectiveness is the cleaning solution.

The bio-slime, the "jelly substance" that accumulates on your aircon cooling coils, is easily dislodged and dissolved with our AIRCONcare Concentrate cleaning solution.

It's designed to keep the blue epoxy coating on cooling coils safe during dismantling. The key to our system's success is the cleaning formula, a "super-detergent" that effectively removes all residues of biofilm while causing no harm to the air conditioning unit.

Our AIRCONcare Concentrate cleaning solution is very good at dislodging and dissolving bio-slime, the "jelly substance" that builds up on your air conditioner cooling coils.

It's made specifically to protect the blue epoxy coating on cooling coils.

AC Cleaning Kit: Air Conditioner Maintenance by Professionals

ac cleaning kit in Australia

Your system's internal unit can become filthy. The coils and components inside might become highly damp, in addition to harbouring dust that works its way past the air filter. It may be hard to remove the dirty layer that accumulates, necessitating the use of specialist cleaning products and techniques. Although some homeowners try to clean the parts themselves, the fins of the coils might be damaged, affecting the system's function. Some householders use household cleaning goods without considering the fumes released into the airstream.

Cleaning your drain pan and lines by a professional is also recommended to guarantee that concentrated liquids escape the property quickly. Your outdoor equipment should be inspected and cleaned by an experienced technician who can examine the state of electronic parts. You can perform any necessary cleaning as part of a complete AC inspection.

The Effects of Dust and Dirt on Your Air Conditioner

When you run your palm over the condenser on a window AC unit, you'll remember the "vacuum" sucking in your inside air. It brings dust and grime, which your filter frequently captures. On a wider scale, your central air conditioner functions similarly. However, your filter won't catch everything, and dust and particles will end up on your unit, in your duct system, and throughout your house.

It's common knowledge that too much dust or debris will degrade the operation of your air conditioner or duct system. Dirt and dust might accumulate if you don't change your air filters or clean your ducts regularly.

  • Reduce the overall performance and reliability of your duct system and air conditioner.
  • You'll be on the hook for more expensive maintenance, wear and tear, and a shorter HVAC shelf life.
  • Energy efficiency is harmed, and your energy expenses rise.
  • It's more difficult to clean and preserve the living area in your home, and it's less appealing.

AC Cleaning Kit: How Low-Quality Air Conditioning Affects Indoor Air Quality and Health

More than only the unit itself is jeopardized by an ineffective air conditioner that accumulates and disperses dust particles from your home. Dust and debris particulates can clog your duct system, causing cardiovascular and respiratory difficulties as well as being an irritant on a small scale. If you have a pensioner in your house, especially one with a persistent respiratory condition, you should clean the dust out of your air conditioning and duct system.

Dusting your air conditioner and home isn't simply for appearances' sake. Even though there is no evidence that dust causes allergy directly, it can attract dust mites. These small bugs can produce hay fever symptoms such as sneezing and a runny nose.

Why Does Dust Collect in My Air Conditioning and Duct System?

The condenser (which has a large fan) and the air handler (which usually has a filter) are the two parts of an AC that get dusty. A professionally installed air conditioner, on the other hand, should leave little dust on the inside of the air handler or in your air ducts.

When Do I Need My Ducts to Be Cleaned?

Mould is the number one concern to watch out for regarding duct cleaning. Based on the price, your financial condition, the size of your home, and the size of your family, only your good judgment can determine whether it is appropriate to have your ducts cleaned (including pets). So, if there's a little dust on the floor, you can think to yourself, "Who cares?" It may never be a problem.

Why do we need to clean air conditioning systems?

While the air you breathe may appear pure and clear, the environment contains many particles and pollutants. Dust, exhaust fumes, allergens, pet hair, and other microscopic waste particles are easily inhaled. These particles might become caught in your air conditioning system as air is sucked into it.

Pollutants and dust can accumulate in the system over time, causing the appliance to operate inefficiently. It's particularly common in places with high cases of air pollution and where dust and pollen are prevalent. Deep cleaning your air conditioner will help remove these contaminants, allowing the device to work more efficiently.

You may find that your electrical bills are greater than usual or that the system isn't operating as effectively if your appliance hasn't been cleaned in a while. It's because your air conditioner has to work more to chill the space. Cleaning the unit should help you save money on electricity and breathe better air.

How do you clean your air conditioner?

Calling in the pros to clean your air conditioner is often the best option. A qualified expert can disassemble your device, locate the coils and filters, and completely clean all system components. It's also a good time to inspect your air conditioning system to ensure everything is in functioning order. If your filters or coils are exceptionally filthy, you may need to change them to get the most out of your system.


ac cleaning kit in Australia


Buy AC Cleaning Kit from HVAC Shop

Cleaning your aircon can be a chore but is a must! Good thing there are AC cleaning kits you can buy in Australia to make it a whole lot easier. If you have a split type unit, you can buy a kit that includes a wash bag to complete the work easier.

Here at HVAC Shop, you can find an AC cleaning kit that suits you, whether you're cleaning independently or have an HVAC service business.